Thursday, 17 April 2008

World record attempt..

On May the 7th I am taking my penny farthing to the international veteran cycle club rally at Beaulieu in the UK. There is going to be loads of penny's as part of the rally will be an attempt on the world penny stack record. It's hard to explain but it's essentially a record where riders mount there bikes and get in a long line, handle bar to handle bar, all facing the same way. So the line is one bike deep but many bikes wide. It should be good fun and will give me chance to say hi to some of the people who helped me to find my bike.

Other news from me is bicycle related but not penny farthing news. I've started time trialing again this year and over the winter I have tried really hard to get fit. So far my results have been a little mixed. My first race was a disaster, I was about 2minutes slower than I thought I would be over the 10 miles. The next one went much better, it was only a 5.5mile race but I managed a personal best by 2 seconds. Then came my finest hour, well my finest 24minutes 59seconds. I won a local time trial in pouring rain and freezing cold. I usually go really badly in the cold and when I finished I was disapointed with my time, I thought I would do about 23mins 45secs. But as it turned out I was the fastest on the night.

I've got a few local club time trials lined up but my next big race is the little mountain time trial on 27th April..

Anyway, here is the result sheet from my win!

Broadheath 10 Results K46/10B 15.4.08
1st Dave Preece 24.59
2nd Mark Allen 25.48
3rd Simon Rousell 26.03
4th Richard Graham 26.05
5th Ed Dursley 26.08
6th Steve Price 26.29
7th Sean Dyson 26.45
8th Stuart King 27.48
9th Jason Griffiths 28.18
10th Chris Sherratt 28.36
11th Mick Hedges 28.58
12th Andy Johnstone 29.36
13th Jeff Grainger 30.06
14th Ros Hope 30.31
15th Richard Finch 31.04
16th Chri Cox 31.47