Thursday, 14 February 2008

Shimano 24hr road race

I've just received confirmation that my entry has been accepted for this race,

I'm one of a five man team from my cycling club, so I now have the much needed motivation to keep trainning. I find if I am only going to let myself down it's sometimes hard to get out on the bike if the wheather is bad. However, if I feel I'm going to let others down by staying in I am more likely to train. I'm fairly sure the others in my team will want me to leave the penny at home though...

After coming back from Lanzarote I've been quite good and managed a few hard rides and averaged about 150miles per week. I should be going quite well when the time trials kick off again.

The event is also an excuse to start saving for a flash new bike... Kuota KOM?..

Friday, 1 February 2008

Lanzarote international duathlon

I've just spent two great weeks cycling in Lanzarote. I borrowed a bike bag (cheers Sam) and took my standard road bike. Whilst there I competed in the La Santa Lanzatote international duathlon. I did ok considering I had to ride 22 miles to the start, and 22 miles back again afterwards! I finished 72 / 112 and my bike time was 52nd. The bike course was very tough, climbing from sea level at the start to 800feet in about 4 miles.. If I had tried it on the penny I would still be riding.

I've not used the penny much in the last few weeks, but I am doing a presentation for the local cycling touring club next month. So I'm busy putting together a bit of a slide show of places and events that me and the penny have been to.

Anyway, I've put some photos on flickr if anyone wants to check out Lanzarote.