Friday, 1 February 2008

Lanzarote international duathlon

I've just spent two great weeks cycling in Lanzarote. I borrowed a bike bag (cheers Sam) and took my standard road bike. Whilst there I competed in the La Santa Lanzatote international duathlon. I did ok considering I had to ride 22 miles to the start, and 22 miles back again afterwards! I finished 72 / 112 and my bike time was 52nd. The bike course was very tough, climbing from sea level at the start to 800feet in about 4 miles.. If I had tried it on the penny I would still be riding.

I've not used the penny much in the last few weeks, but I am doing a presentation for the local cycling touring club next month. So I'm busy putting together a bit of a slide show of places and events that me and the penny have been to.

Anyway, I've put some photos on flickr if anyone wants to check out Lanzarote.

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