Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My week off work

I've just had a week off work, and had a pretty good time. The first weekend was spent at the bmf bike rally, which is always good.
Then I spent a few days with Kat in Wales on our penny farthings. We covered about 70 miles and had a good time. The b&b we stayed in even had an old duke box with vinyl records, cool!
I seem to be having a bit of trouble uploading pictures on here, so take a look here for more...
My final few days off were spent at the Motocross of Nations, which was awesome. Although I did have my money stolen from my tent while I was sleeping in it, which wasn't nice. Some people will do anything except go to work to get money... Although they are not mine, there are some great photos of the motocross here..
My next cycling event is on a fixed gear bike, but not the penny. I'm in a two stage hill climb on sunday. Also in the event is a guy called James Dobbin, who just happens to be 2007 national hill climb champion!


Tejvan Pettinger said...

Hi Dave,

Sorry I didn't get to see you at hill Climb. But, I see you made it up in a pretty respectable time!



Davep said...

Hi Tejvan,

not as quick as you though! I enjoyed it though, well if you can call a maximum heart rate experience in the rain enjoyable that is.. I figure if I keep trying out new events sooner or later I'll find something I'm really good at... So far Penny farthing racing seems to be my thing!

If you are doing the national hill climb good luck, I'm sure you will be up there with the best! I sent off an entry today for a laugh.. I'm not expecting to get a ride but as I was going to watch anyway, I figured I may as well try and enter!

fotoviva said...

Hey dave I've added you as a friend on Flickr - saw this blog from Facebook!

Anyway, pennyfarthing? What happened to a normal bike eh?!

Take it easy!