Monday, 14 September 2009

2 up time trial

A couple of weeks ago I raced in a two up time trial. Normal time trials see riders starting at one minute intervals and racing on there own, against the clock. In a two up riders ride with a team mate and start together. By doing this you can take turns riding on the front, so the rider behind can take a rest from the wind resistance of being on the front. It's calculated to take about 30% less effort to ride as the second rider in a line so if the two work well together they should be able to record a fast time, faster than they would as a single rider.

Anyway, I rode this event with a friend from my cycle club. We are of a similar standard and worked well together to record a decent time of 55 minutes and 55 seconds for 3rd place. That resulted in me receiving some prize money! A whole £12.50! 2 up time trial result...

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