Thursday, 28 August 2014

Lands End to John O'Groats

Well I've not been on here for ages so I needed a good reason to get blogging again.. I've talked about this for long enough and now I've actually got some plans in place to do it. In April 2015 I'm going to ride my penny farthing from Lands End to John O'Groats. That's about 1000 miles and I'm going to do it in 14 days.

Between now and the ride in April I will update this blog with how my plans are developing and how my training is going. When the ride finally gets here I hope to have a bit of time each night to post daily updates. This will depend on internet connection, phone battery, and my physical ability to blog after riding a penny farthing all day!

I've decided on doing the end to end as I've pretty much achieved what I wanted to achieve regarding racing the penny farthing. At long last I managed to win a big race. Earlier in 2014 I won the pennies in the park race which , luckily for me, has gained the official title of the British Open penny farthing championship. I've not managed to win the Smithfield London Nocturne but it's a race I may have to let go as it's so short and doesn't really suit my strengths. I'll keep entering the race but I'm pretty sure it's one I will not win.

So, back to the end to end ride. I'm going to be raising money for the national deaf children's society. My wife was born deaf so that's why I have chosen this charity.

I've set up a just giving page should anyone feel generous enough to make a donation, here's the link to it.

Thanks for reading! Updates will follow!!

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