Thursday, 24 December 2015

Penny farthing LEJOG day 2

After a huge cooked breakfast it was soon time to set off on day two. This was going to be a longer day than our first one, we planned to get as near to the edge of Dartmoor as we could. It would be about 60 miles and as anyone who has cycled in Cornwall knows, its quite hilly.

On the plus side the weather was now great, no rain anyway but we still had a bit of a headwind. We made pretty good progress over the first few hours. I had aimed to cover about 10 miles an hour but we were slightly slower than this at the moment due to the headwind. But all in all we were going well and confidence was returning after the hard start on the first day.

At about midday we pulled over and found somewhere to buy food. At this point in the journey I was almost forcing myself to eat before I was hungry. The massive breakfast had filled me up but when you are exercising all day hunger can suddenly catch you by surprise. In 2003 me and Mickey did LEJOG for the first time. It was a very steep learning curve for both of us as we had never taken on a long cycle tour before. On day 2 in 2003 Mickey found out the hard way what happens when you don't eat enough. In the middle of Dartmoor he completely ran out of energy and could hardly keep moving. From that day on we ate loads, probably far more than we actually needed!

All in all day 2 this time around was an enjoyable day on the bikes, but we were both aware that day 3 would be harder, probably one of the toughest of the whole journey as we were returning to the scene of mickeys worst ever moment on a bike from 2003, we were going straight over Dartmoor.

After almost 8 hours cycling we found a nice b&b that also had storage for our bikes and we went out for yet more food. 

Dartmoor awaits....

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