Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Much Wenlock Olympics update

I am definitely in the Ordinary race! The race starts at 1.30pm on Sunday 15th July. I'm not sure if I will do any good as I have no idea of the standard of the other competitors. The distance is also not exactly my favourite as it is more of a sprint rather than an endurance event. The race is over 1 mile, ideally I think my best distance would be about 20 miles as I can mantain a constant effort for long periods but I don't have much of a sprint. Anyway, come Monday, win or lose, I will be an Olympian! I have just riden the penny farthing to the Worcester news offices, the staff all seemed really interested in the bike and they are going to run an artical on it and the event in the next few days. I wasn't really expecting them to take photos today but they did. So that's why I am in jeans and an old t shirt. I am going to try and video the event and, if I can work out how to, I will then post it on you tube. I am still going to time trial tonight with Worcester st Johns but I will be taking it steady on the fast down hill sections so that I don't crash and end my Olympic dream before it has started. That's all for now...

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