Thursday, 5 July 2007

Donate to sands on line

The good chaps at SANDS have set up a donation page for me so that all of you generous people can donate to charity from the comfort of your own homes. the link for this is Any donation, big or small will be greatly appreciated. Also, if you are a uk taxpayer the government has to add an extra 28% to your donation which is great. For example if you donate £10.00 SANDS can claim an extra £2.80 from the government, giving them a total of £12.80, which has only cost you £10.00.

Other less important news from me this week includes a return to form for my time trialing with a better performance on Tuesday night. I could tell at the time I had done better than last week and then when I woke up at about 1.00am and my legs were having a major twitching fit I was sure that I had given 100%. I did nothing training wise on wednesday but this morning I went for a run and felt fine. I haven't had chance to ride the penny this week but all being well I think I may commute to work on it in the morning.

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