Thursday, 11 October 2007

Penny farthing world championships, Tasmania.

Earlier in the week I received my invitation to the world championships in Tasmania. I'd love to go but it's not going to be cheap! At the moment I am thinking that I may have to give it a miss as I already have an outstanding credit card bill, my car mot looks like being fairly costly and Christmas stopped being a free religious festival many years ago.

On the positive side, staying at home will keep my carbon footprint nice and small, in fact over the last five or so years I have cycled further than I have driven and have only flown once.

Anyway, I've not riden the penny farthing much since coming back from the coast to coast so this weekend I plan to have a good long ride on it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I am going to enter a local cyclocross race, but not on the penny!

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