Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Happy new year everyone! Loads of people make new years resolutions and don't keep them, me included. This year I have decided to put some of mine in print, hopefully this will encourage me to stick with them.

My resolutions are more like targets so here goes:
1) Ride the penny farthing from Lands end to John O'groats.
2) Do a personal best 10mile time trial on my road bike, 23mins 37secs to beat. (on my normal bike) JUST MISSED THIS ONE / 23MINS 39SECS... 30th Aug 22mins 2 seconds.. Come on!
3) Do a 25mile time trial in under an hour. (on normal bike) ALMOST... 1HOUR 3MINS 19 SEC ON A HILLY COURSE 27th july 58mins 51seconds..
4) Do the club hill climb up Ankerdine in under 3mins 30seconds. (deffinately on normal bike) just done 3mins 28secs on my fixie..
If I put my mind to it I think I can do them all......
Anyway, on a different note here is a scan of my favorite Christmas card of 2007. I received it from a fellow penny farthing nut, Pete. Pete lives in Ireland and he goes to Evendale for the world championships each year. I had asked him for some advice on packing a penny for the flight. He sent me back a great letter and this card. Unfortunatly I will not be able to go to Evendale this year but I'm sure the advice will come in handy one day. So thanks Pete and good luck in Evendale.

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