Monday, 25 June 2007

Castle combe duathlon

As you know I am doing this event and using the penny for the bike leg. The charity that I am raising money for is called SANDS, it stands for stillbirth and neonatal death society, here is a link if you would like to learn a bit more.. I have chosen this charity as they do a great job helping people through a very difficult time and have helped people close to me. If anyone would like to donate you can either see me at the event, I will be there early as my Dad is running the 10k the same day, or e mail me and we can sort something else out. I have also just set up a web page with SANDS so if you just can't wait to donate you can do so online!

I would also like to thank Will at Dbmax for firstly letting me use the penny farthing for the race and also for putting a link on his web site to this one. I hope I can meet up with him at the event to say thanks.

I will be adding to this blog as and when I have time so please come back and check it out now and again. At the moment I seem to have a few problems signing on to create new posts so if nothing much happens for a few days that's why. Hopefully I will get the hang of it as I go!

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