Sunday, 24 June 2007

Penny farthing records

After doing a few time trials on the penny I started to look up penny farthing records. The outcome is almost unbeivable. Try this one for starters.. Lands end to John O'groats in 5 days 8 hrs and 15mins! Thats 168miles per day! The record was set by a guy called Alec Baxter and will never be beaten. I say this as firstly I am sure that it can't be and secondly because the Road records association no longer accepts attempts by penny farthings. I can only assume they don't want anyone being killed whilst trying! Other impressive records seem to be less well documented but various people in the know tell me that a penny farthing has been peddled at over 20 miles an hour average speed for a twenty mile time trial. Thats not bad going on a modern road bike, let alone something that was designed 120 plus years ago.

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MrsF said...

I am staying on Alec's farm, what a character and what a bike! I think he's in his eighties but still ride a bike (not the penny farthing, but has lots of breathtaking stories about his exploits.
You should meet this man he is a legend.