Monday, 25 June 2007

Other madcap plans

Well the most ridiculous plan I have is to ride the penny farthing from Lands end to John o'groats, possibly in April next year. At this stage the plan is slightly more advanced than pub talk but I have yet to make any firm plans.
I did the ride in 2003 with a friend, Mickey Davies, we used a couple of ill prepared mountain bikes, some zip ties and the cheapest panniers we could find. Somehow we made it to the finish in 14 days, much to the suprise of all our friends and ourselves!
If anyone is thinking of doing the end to end, give it a go. We ended up having the best holiday of our lives.
I am also trying to organise meeting up with Kat to have a go at a crazy night ride of 120miles. Check out this link,
We have conceeded that the penny farthings may not be the ideal choice for this so we will probably use normal bikes.

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