Sunday, 24 June 2007

Learning to ride

Well I'd love to tell everyone how difficult it is to ride a penny and how I am supremely skilled but I have to say it's actually quite easy! Getting on is just a matter of holding the bars straight, putting your left foot on the step and scooting the bike along. Then you just stand up, find the seat and then the peddles. You have actually got quite a long time to do this as a 54" wheel just wants to keep moving forward, unless you are pushing it up a hill that is!

My first rides were up and down the close that I live in, getting off to turn round. I then ventured to the pub, using footpaths and now I ride the thing almost anywhere. I have even started to do time trials on it! so far my penny farthing pb for 10 miles is 39mins 40seconds. This is obviously much slower than my pb on a more suitable bike, but it's not too bad considering. On the left is a scan from a local paper with the full tt results, sorry about the quality of the scan but it's the best I could do!

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